Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My favorite "at-home" income opportunities :)

I've debated on writing this post for a long, long time. My only issue with letting people in on this is the skeptics. I hate when I go out of my way to tell people about this stuff and then get flooded with messages about how "its a scam, its bullshit" before they ever even try it, just because they only go by what they have heard.

If you've read my post about "free" Christmas, you know I'm serious about my frugal lifestyle, especially my frugal VIRTUAL shopping sprees. I get literally hundreds of dollars worth of stuff free every year. I mean really free, I don't pay a dime for any of it. I don't pay for diapers, EVER, I absolutely refuse, I don't buy baby wipes, and I don't buy kid's clothes unless I just absolutely have to have them. And I don't get crappy stuff free either. Almost all the clothes I get the kids are either boutique style stuff or they're Gymboree. The baby wears Huggies diapers and we use Huggies or Pampers wipes. Of course you can get anything "free"... toys, anything from, or anywhere that accepts Paypal.

Here is where most of the eyerolling comes in. I do surveys and I resell clothes. That's it. That's all I do. No coupons (sometimes some promo codes for free shipping or a percentage off but thats it), no scams, nothing. I've been doing it for about 2 years now, going on 3.

There are thousands of survey sites out there but only a handful are worth your time. The only one I've had lots of success with is There are lots of long profiles to fill out at the beginning that you don't get any money for but once you fill those out they start sending surveys. Each survey pays anywhere from 50 cent to $4.50. They take anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. If you go to the site and click take survey every day you get a lot more opportunities than you do if you just wait for them to be emailed to you. Plus once you've done it for so long you get more and you are so familiar with them that it doesn't take you any time to do them. I like to do them on our Kindle so I can walk around the house and just do them a little at a time. I "cash out" a couple of times a week, usually for $20. You can either get a Paypal payment (its instant), a CITI card, or Amazon promo codes. I love the Amazon promo codes but the Paypal stuff works out better for me.

I also use InboxDollars (if you use them, make a separate email account for it. They send TONS of "offers". They are one of the few sites that legitimately pay you to read emails. You just open the email, click the "I've read this message" icon, and you get paid for it. They send out a check once you reach $30. They also have surveys and easy little tasks and videos to watch and stuff to help you get there. Really simple site, just takes a lot longer than OO. I also like Hotspex a lot (they pay via Paypal) and Vindale, Pinecone, and sometimes Toluna (really I don't cash out with them often but I like doing their surveys because you get to try a lot of products free. Same with Pinecone, and Pinecone pays you for every survey)

Now my new absolute favorite way to make some extra income is this awesome eBay like site called Yardsellr. It took me, oh about.... 5 SECONDS to fall in love with this site. Its so AWESOME. Here's how it works:

1. You join via Facebook
2. You get $5 IMMEDIATELY for joining (they are called "photons"). You can also earn more money for all types of stuff (commenting on items, referring friends, organizing the boards of stuff so they are in the right category, etc.)
3. You can pay via credit card, debit, or Paypal, or you can meet the person somewhere to pick up
4. You can sell your own stuff on the site and add shipping on to the price and every thing. I sell my kid's clothes when they outgrow them and even stuff I find really cheap on clearance racks, and you wouldn't believe how much you can make. I actually get close to what I buy the things for, which I NEVER get from the "yardsale" sites on Facebook. No one tries to haggle the prices (at least not usually) and you can sell just about anything. I've seen furniture on there, electronics, everything! The best thing is there aren't any fees. NOT EVEN IF YOU SELL IT! Its so much better than eBay and so much safer than Craigslist!
5. Watch the money roll in! I accept Paypal payments and whenever someone buys my stuff I get paid within a day after I ship it. I print my shipping labels with Paypal so that I never pay anything out of pocket for shipping and I can just send the hubby off with my package when he goes to work. Then I have more money on my Paypal account to do what I need to do!

I use my survey and Yardsell money for everything. I can order movies on Amazon Prime with my Amazon codes from Opinion Outpost (the cash out is just $5 for Amazon codes!) and I can order diapers from with Paypal and just stop by and pick them up when I'm out (store pick up is free! No shipping charges!) I do this with my wipes, toiletries, and anything else I see on the walmart site that I need. ToysRus also accepts Paypal and so does the Disney store so when has some good promo codes for shipping, I can get free toys! Paypal has a "in store" option now at some stores, Abercrombie and Hollister are a couple!, and you just enter your info on the credit card machine! So awesome! And also, you can use your money you got for selling your kid's clothes to buy NEW clothes on Yardsellr. And I mean literally new! I buy so many brand new Gymboree outfits every week and never pay anything out of pocket! Its awesome! and by the way Yardsellr also sells lots of brand new clothes (with tags, some still in the plastic wrapping!) from Victoria's Secret, Abercrombie, and Hollister. Plus lots of designer bags and cosmetics!)

I know this is brief and not so detailed but I wanted to get the word out about Yardsellr and Opinionoutpost both! I love these sites and I want to help all you mommies!

Oh and hey, while you're at it... check out my Yardsell :)

*hey nothing wrong with some self promotion lol*