Monday, February 27, 2012

MIA for a bit

Thanks to a whole lotta family drama, I'll be withdrawing from Facebook for a while if not for good. Its not really that big of a deal to me but there are a lot of faces I will miss seeing everyday! With that said, if I didn't get your number before I deactivated then you can email it to me at I also have a tumblr you can follow:

Anyway, good weekend. Went to supercross in Atlanta, then Sunday had a fun family day at the zoo and then dinner.

I've lost two more lbs in the last week, so yay for me. My pregnancy jeans are loose on me now, but I've been living in Victoria's Secret sweats and leggings anyway.

Boring housewife week but maybe i'll post again :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Skipping over "bleach" blonde and going straight for "platinum" aka WHITE--all at home, of course

I've been rocking white hair for like, 5-ish years now, with only a few changes in between.
I am naturally white haired, meaning of course I was BORN with white hair, not necessarily that it would be white whether or not I colored it.
It started darkening up at the roots when I was in junior high and by the time high school came around everyone asked me why I only dyed my hair once and let my roots out.
EMBARRASSING! Its not cool to have roots showing during the in between salon visits and its even more uncool to have never dyed it to begin with and everyone just assume you need to get your hair done!
So once I turned 18 and could do whatever I wanted to my hair, I went straight for bleach thinking it would turn it white again.
I was yellow. Very quickly.
I looked like I belonged in a trailer to be completely honest. 
It was horrible.
Oh well, you live and learn... and in my case that means lots of experimenting.

So now here we are, five years later, and I've got it down.
No more yellow hair, I go straight for white and still get it by using bleach ( hey at least I had one part right to begin with!)
I want to state first of all that
i am not a professional hair stylist!
I don't recommend you doing this unless you have naturally blonde hair or have bleached it before and know how your hair will react to bleach.
This is basically a tutorial for those who ALREADY color their own hair and are familiar with bleach and know the side effects of using it!
I am simply telling you what works for me so I don't have to go into detail every time someone messages me on Facebook and asks lol.

First of all, here's what I use:
from left to right... 
Salon Care Extra Lift 30 vol. developer
Roux Fanci Full rinse in White Minx
Wella Color Charm permanent toner in T18 lightest ash blonde (formerly known as White Lady)
Wellite lightener (bleach)
Aussie smoothing serum (for styling after)
Herbal Essences heat protection spray (styling)
Avon Advance Techniques frizz control (styling)

You can find the developer, rinse, toner, and bleach at Sally's or whatever beauty supply store you have in your town, or do as I do and order from Amazon!
I use the styling stuff when I blow dry and straighten my hair because I want to keep it in the best shape after coloring it so my hair doesn't break.

Here's my before.... I haven't bleached since October and its February now so I'm definitely in need of some touching up.
I actually used a highlighting kit in between October and now which is why I have more yellow tint that usual... and also my flash added some more :)

Step one:
Mix 1 scoop of Wellite with 1 scoop of developer.
Apply directly to your roots.
If you already have bleached hair, only touch up the roots!
This prevents breakage! No sense in damaging the rest of your hair! Your roots are "fresh", the bleach won't damage them much!
I leave the bleach in about 45 minutes which works perfect for mine, but again, this is just my experience and I don't recommend you leaving it on that long unless you know your hair can handle it!

So then you're going to rinse out the bleach with cool water, shampoo it. I don't use conditioner here since I'm about to use toner.
Notice the roots are completely lightened now but there's lots of yellow left.

 Now for the messy part.
With gloves on apply the Wella toner all over your hair.
Saturate it REALLY well.
YES your hair is supposed to turn purple!
And you may notice this part can hurt a little.
If you have any cuts or sores anywhere that this touches its going to sting but luckily it doesn't stay on the hair long!
I wait 10 minutes at the most before I rinse this.
The bottle says to leave it on up to 30 minutes but I'm telling you your hair will be BRIGHT purple if you do that!
I shampoo about 4 times and rinse with cold water each time.
Then I put TONS of conditioner on the ends and let it sit for a minute before SHAMPOOING the conditioner out (if that makes any sense) and then rinsing it all out again with cold water.
It can be pretty tricky getting the purple tint out. If you work I would recommend you do this when you won't be going in for a couple of days just to be on the safe side. Sometimes it takes upwards of 3 days to get the color out. I like to do it in the morning, and then follow the rinsing steps about 3 times that day, and then by the end of the night its usually all out. Or you can just rock the purple tint for a couple of days! I happen to like it!
This is where mine is after one wash... there is still a little purple there but not much.
Before I blow dry I put the White Minx all over my towel dried hair and then apply my heat protectors.

Here's my roots after blow drying. You can see my little frizzies sticking out but they really aren't that bad for someone who has been bleaching for 5 years lol. Smoothing serum helps this a lot!

Finished product!
And MINIMUM yellow!
For those of you who are wondering why the longer layers of my hair are more "blonde" than white
its not because they're extensions or anything,
I had the underneath part dyed black for about 8 months and this is only the second time I've bleached that part to get it back to white.
So really if you're doing this with black or dark brown, the underneath tint is about what you'll be until the 3rd or 4th time you bleach, then you'll be where my top layers are.
And obviously if you're already a blonde and doing this, my top layers should be where you are already!

Easy enough right?
Feel free to comment with any questions and if you try it out and have good results let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh in+Photo Update- REACHED PRE PREG WEIGHT!

Well I promised I wouldn't be doing many updates unless something "dramatic" happened and despite that not really happening, I had a request for a blog update so I figured I'd do a short one :)

I have been off of the Phentermine since J152anuary 25th... I ran out and haven't went back to get anymore.
My appetite hasn't come back at all surprisingly.
Hopefully I'll be one of the lucky ones who only need it for a month.
We'll see!
I am currently BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight which is huge for me!
My goal was just to fit back into my size 7 jeans again
and I went beyond that and got down to my size 5's so definitely NO COMPLAINTS THERE!
I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking to only healthy eating,
no soda,
I've always been diligent about toning and strength training but never much for cardio
and I can tell you it is 100% necessary for weight loss and for me maintenance as well.

So as you know...
my beginning weight was a depressing 152
well.... my current weight is an EARNED 126!
yes yes, I'm patting myself on the back for that!

That doesn't mean I'm giving up because I'm ultimately on a mission for a complete body transformation.
I desperately want to shed a few inches in the thigh area and there's always improvement to be done on the belly!
So I think my next focus point for the blog will be to continue my journey to a six pack belly again!

I dug up a before picture for a good comparison,
and this is actually from about 2 weeks after giving birth to my 3rd little,
when I was about 160 lbs.
Then of course there are some currents.
And sorry for the overboard picture SLAM but I'm pretty proud so, get over it, or get outttt! :)