Saturday, December 31, 2011

Direction change- Phentermine!!!

Well I've struggled with finding any kind of "Phentermine tracking" blog. I wanted to find something to read along my journey with it but have yet to find more than a handful written by actual Phentermine users  I figured if I was looking, there are probably countless others who want to get an idea of what its like for other people before they give it a shot.

So I've made it my new "job" to educate people on every single thing that happens while I use it. 

For those of you who don't know,  Phentermine is a prescription diet aide. Its an appetite suppressor not a "fat burner". It helps boost your metabolism when paired with a diet and exercise.

I've heard some Requiem for a Dream-esque stories of people becoming addicted and dependent on the medication, some even taking it for the maximum allowed time of 6 months, losing upwards of 60-100 lbs, and then being off of it for a single DAY and immediately going on a binge and eating all they couldn't eat while they were taking it, and of course then gaining it back.

I'm not scared of that outcome at all. I've weighed between 110-120 lbs ever since I turned 13. My highest weight tipped at about 130, and that was when I became obsessed with working out and built LOTS of muscle and drank protein shakes to gain some weight and get more shape. I've always been healthy, I eat well, have fast metabolism, etc. 

I think I'm a pretty good candidate for the Phentermine. I am 23, 5'4", and after 3 kids back to back, I weigh 152 lbs. Not too big of a deal, and I'm toned from working out a lot during the pregnancy and even immediately after. With my last pregnancy (4 months ago) I topped off at 190 lbs. At 5'4", thats a LOT of weight. I've worked out constantly since my c section in September, and have dieted more than I'd like to admit. I no longer eat anything processed, everything I eat is fresh protein and veggies. I drink lots of water and still keep my fitness level up. But my weight loss has stalled, I've reached that dreaded plateau and can't get past it. 

So I went to a place a couple of towns over called Doctor's Diet Program and sat around for about 30 mins waiting before I walked out with the bottle of Phentermine. I started it as soon as I woke up the next morning. I weighed in at 152 when the doctor checked my weight, and we sat my "goal weight" at 120 lbs. This is a good, healthy weight for me and its what I'm most comfortable being. 

So day 1 went well. I was prepared to feel crazy, to be shaky and anxious and paranoid. But I was pleasantly surprised. I took my first dose when I got up, on an empty stomach as directed. I sat around for about 45 mins, waiting to "feel it". I didn't actually expect to, I thought it would take a few days. But I was WRONG! 

I literally felt a surge of energy somewhat like an energy shot when it hits. Not "massive" not insane, just a little jolt of energy that encouraged me to get up and going a little sooner than I usually would. I didn't lay around trying to convince myself to get up and start housework, I just got up! Needless to say, I got a lot of cleaning done. Not like a speed freak would, just like I usually do, but faster. I didn't take as long because I didn't have to take breaks and rest. 

I did everything better than usual, scrubbing the dishes cleaner, washing a few extra loads of clothes and actually getting them all put up, just my normal daily duties, I just finished them a lot sooner than I normally do. My mouth didn't get dry too often, but I like soda so I wanted to have a Pepsi. Tasted like CRAP. I'm serious it was God awful. My mouth rejected that almost immediately! Tried Mtn Dew, same thing. It all tasted like cough syrup! So I went back to my water and chugged it and chugged it. I didn't get hungry a single time all day and by the end of the night I had to force myself to take a bite or two of what my husband was eating just so I could say I ate. It tasted like crap as well. It was more of a texture thing really and it almost felt like my mouth didn't want to chew if that makes sense.

The next morning, I took my second dose, and had the same results. Cleaned, couldn't eat., was in a GREAT mood. I'm extremely moody and pissy a lot of times to be honest. I pick a lot of fights with the hub just to be getting my frustrations out. But since my first dose of the Phentermine I've been SO PLEASANT! Not high, I swear, just so much more calm and focused and nice. I'm able to just say ok, thats fine, instead of arguing or getting worked up about stupid things. I was even able to ignore tantrums from my 3 year old and 2 year old while their 4 month old brother was crying and not freak out about it, but instead just distract them and have fun and make them laugh. They even seemed to hug me more lol. 

This stuff honestly seems to be working more like an anti depressant for me to be honest.

And of course I know you're wondering about the weight so far.

I thought I was crazy when I stepped on the scale and I didn't want to tell anyone what it said because I thought they'd think I was lying. But then I read some blogs saying almost everyone had that exact same reaction only to find out it was normal.

So here's the weigh in after 3 doses of the Phentermine (that would be 3 days, of course):

Start weight: 152      Current weight: 146

So that's 6 pounds in 3 days, and I just have took the 3rd dose so it hasn't technically done its job yet.

And I've been up since 9 am and its 12:30 pm now and I've yet to be able to force any food down.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chelsea Houska Hair How-To

Any Teen Mom fan has probably seen Chelsea on Teen Mom 2 and wondered how the HECK she gets her hair so freaking cute. I searched and searched and searched for the way to do it and even watched the how-to videos on youtube but none of them quite came out right. I did find one that was similar though, so I took what I picked up on hers and added a few of my own tweaks and came out with something more like what I was going for. My webcam decided to be a POS and lagged really bad so I just did some quick pictures instead since its really simple and just extremely repetitive!

For those of you who haven't seen Chelsea's hair, this is what I'm kind of going for:

Ok, so here we go, and I'll try to be as detailed as possible!

What you'll need:
Half inch curling iron (I just used your standard Conair)
Hairspray (I used Suave, its super light and still holds well)
Hair clip to separate hair

Frizz reducer (I used Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield
Curl enhancers (I used John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecter and TRESemme Curl Activator Spray for the Thermal Creations line)
Straightening iron

Start off with unwashed hair. It holds curl better. I have naturally wavy hair but its blown out straight.
 Separate hair. This is extremely important! You need to start at the bottom and work your way around and up, otherwise you WILL miss hair!

Apply products

Wrap hair AROUND the barrel of the curling iron. DO NOT CLAMP! This is how you achieve the perfect spiral you need here. The clamp will crease it!!! Start about a couple of inches from the scalp, at the END of the barrel.

Holding the iron still, wrap your hair around the barrel. You need it to be wrapped tight.

Stop wrapping about an inch or half an inch from the tip of your hair. If you want that undone messy look this is pretty vital, plus you need something to hold onto so you won't burn your fingers!

Hold the curl for about 45 seconds (longer or shorter according to how your hair takes and holds curl.
Just lightly pull the iron out without moving the hair much.

When you release it you get a cute bouncy curl!

Repeat with half inch sections all the way around your hair. When you reach the middle just start on the other side and you'll meet!

 Repeat on the other side. Its easier to hold the barrel down on the opposite side and the results come out the same.
Here's the bottom all finished up

Now let down the top half of your hair (I have the top split as well so this is only one half of the top of course)

This really looks cute if you have layers because the curls get super messy and cute with different lengths.

It is VERY time consuming if you have thick hair but because the curls are on such small amounts of hair it holds well.
Finished product:

You can also straighten the bangs or play around with straightening bits of it to pull back.
It really creates a romantic fairy tale curl effect =]
And you'll get LOADS of compliments, trust me!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A look inside my bag (my cute Juicy bag at that)...

I came across a few different blogs with this posted, as well as a few magazines over the years, so I thought I'd do it too =] 

We women are magical little creatures and we can pack our whole house in our bag so its always interesting to take a peek into a stranger's goods without getting in trouble!

(This will also answer a few of my Facebook follower's questions of what I do with the travel sized stuff I get with coupons!

There is the "before" dump capture =D

And of course, after.

From left there's the two small bags (which have been emptied as well)...
Juicy & Dooney, of course.
Then there's Maybelline Fit foundation, PerfectSkin #2 Toner, Olay Body Wash, Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea, wallet with the basics (ID, insurance, debit, coupons, cash, etc),
Posh chapstick, Sally Hansen nail polish, Black & White bleach cream for sun and acne spots (WORKS MIRACLES!). Then there's Bath & Body Works Vanilla Sugar, Bach's Rescue Remedy (for adults and children!); Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in Warm Vanilla Sugar, Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss, lipsmackers, Bengay (for random pains ha), Little Tummies Gripe Water for the little guy, Secret Deo travel size, MacKin's back up paci, random tampons and pads of course, the trusty ol' booger sucker for the kids runny noses, and Old Reliable, aka birth control.

Friday, December 2, 2011

ITS DECEMBER!!!! Christmas time!!!

Well, I don't know about every where else, but Georgia sure has me stumped. Its still not cold!!! Its December 2nd and its not even bundle up weather yet! I'm so disappointed! My sweater dresses must be worn! So while I'm wishing for this........
I'm still hanging out in t shirts and flip flops until the sun goes down.
Oh well!

December is by far the most busy time of the year with 3 kids.
Its insane! I got most of my shopping done on Black Friday (wahoo!) but I do still have some spoiling to work on :) Did any of you ladies go Black Friday shopping? I sat in line at Belk from 10 PM until they opened at 3 am. Crazy, I know. But it was fun! 

We're having our first Christmas dinner of the month next weekend with my oldest best friend. Pretty excited about finally having some adult conversation after a month of being stuck at home with 3 kids!

Maybe its just the Christmas spirit rubbing off on me, but I seriously have no complaints in life at the moment! Oh oh, I take that back. Anyone use Opinion Outpost? I do surveys there and use the rewards for Amazon codes. Its how I've went 8 months now without ever buying a pack of diapers! Pretty good deal! Well I've been saving since the beginning of November so I could get some Cyber Monday deals. I was pretty excited at how much I was going to snag without paying anything, when I went to cashout. There, to my surprise, I discovered their Amazon code request page was down! WTF?!? Bummer!
So here I am, a week later, with LOTS of amazon codes.... and no way to get them!
I'll seriously have over $100 by the time they get it fixed (assuming it takes as long as they said-1 week!) and  let me tell you, that digital money is burning a hole in my pocket lol. I'm ready to shop and get the stuff!

Well, thats all for tonight.
Trying to get back into the swing of things but there just hasn't been much time lately!
Maybe when I start sleeping again I'll be inspired!
But the newborn isn't having that right now!

Monday, November 7, 2011

And there he is!
My sweet MacKinley Benjamin Marlow!
Born September 15th via c-section of course.
We've been home for some time recovering and getting into a good routine.
And now things are getting back to normal, albeit a little more hectic than before.

I've neglected this blog so many times and I hate myself for it. I've gotten so overwhelmed with Mommyhood that I truly need this outlet. 

I was thinking back to when I was 16 and all I could do was dream of being Carrie Bradshaw.
Well I wanted to live Carrie's life, but write like Sylvia Plath.
That's just me! But the point is, I wanted to write. That's all I can ever remember wanting to do other than be a wife and mommy.
I've got that down for the most part, minus the big wedding.

I think somewhere along all the craziness of raising three kids under the age of 3,
and only being 23 myself,
I lost something in myself.
I always promised I'd never do that because its not healthy and I think part of being a good mom is being a happy and secure mom, and I'm not that right now.

Don't get me wrong, I am truly happy.
My kids could make the saddest person in the world happy.
But I'm not one for sitting around watching life pass me and by and sometimes it feels like I'm doing that.
I know you fellow stay-at-homes feel me on that and you probably feel just as guilty as I do for it.
I've tried working and letting someone watch the kids part time, but that doesn't do it for me either.
We're okay financially with me being home and I'm grateful for that but when I'm here day in and day out I feel like I'm missing out on something I'm destined to do.
I've been thinking about it and searching, trying to figure out what it was that I did that got myself off track.
Its like when I go to bed at night, I just don't feel like I've accomplished anything.
On the days that I teach my sweet angels something huge, 
you know, potty training, counting further than yesterday, a new song, something of that sort,
it feels great. But I started feeling like one day my daughter is going to look at me and say "You never did anything for yourself". Because see I went to college, I didn't like it, hated it really, and it bummed me out. 
I dreamed of college life since I was in elementary school honestly!
I didn't know what to do when life didn't work out the way I thought it would.
So I've been making lists in my head, just moving those huge stacks of memories around in my brain that are collecting dust, rummaging through all my old ideas, trying to figure out what ELSE it is that I'm supposed to be doing.
I know its at home, I know that, I can feel it. I'm only happy with my babies.
I feel like I'm walking around missing something huge just running to the store without them.
When I was working, those 8 to 12 hours a day were killing me. I didn't even know how to function.
So I've got to do something.
I'm awesome at the "housewife" thing now.
I can cook, clean, do crafts, teach the kids something new every day, take time to spend with my man,
and even have down time. I can manage ALL THAT, but something isn't happening in there that I need.
I feel like my education always meant too much to me and I've spent so much time exploring everything I'm interested in and pursuing things I enjoy to just watch myself grow old without accomplishing something for myself.
And that all brings me to this:
I'm doing it.
I don't know what it is yet, but its going to find me and I'm open to whatever.
I'm looking for a business venture, something of my own that I can build from the ground up.
I know the success I have with it will depend solely on what I put into it and that is whats going to drive me.
And mark my word,
its going to happen!

Friday, April 22, 2011

18 weeks.... almost to the half way mark!

18 weeks, 3 days
Due date: September 22nd, but my c section will be scheduled a week before

Starting weight: 130

Current weight: 142

Baby gender: boy!

Baby name: Undecided! Baby Boy Marlow for now!

Craving: Nothing specific really. Occasionally Cesar salads. Thats about it.

Pregnancy peeve: Vivid dreams! They're really getting to me nowadays!

This pregnancy is a little different on me than the other two have been. I was only 19 when I got pregnant with my son and everything was fun and cool and different and I just loved sitting around eating all the time. I stayed miserable with morning sickness throughout the pregnancy so I didn't really gain a WHOLE lotta weight. Well okay really, I was 108 when I got pregnant and I was 150 when I had him so i gained a lot, BUT i needed it and it actually looked fairly good on me afterwards.

I didn't work out to lose my weight that time. I didn't breastfeed the whole time, I didn't have some huge secret as to how I lost the weight. I did some pretty extreme diets here and there but only for a few weeks at a time, and by his first birthday I was 120 lbs and looking good.

Then baby #2. I was right at 130 when I got pregnant.... 170 when I had her.

That weight.... it didn't fall off so easy. I really had to work on that. I had another c section, but I nursed #2 so I lost about 30 of it pretty quick, but the rest... it just didnt wanna come off. I had to work out daily, and hardcore at that, do some Weight Watchers, along with some other dieting. I finally got back down to 130 but I was still different.

Pregnancy has changed my body so much.
It has opened up a world of insecurities I never thought I'd have.
I try to take care of myself while I'm expecting.... I make the best of it because its worth it.... but myself esteem has just been shattered by it. My entire body has changed and it seems like no matter what I do, I'll never be the same. 

I'm working out throughout this entire pregnancy, no matter what. I'm not sure whether I'll breastfeed again or not, but I know for sure I am immediately jumping on getting my old body back. I don't want it for a vain reason. I want it for me. I am so proud of my kids and as long as I have them I'll be happy even if I weigh 180 lbs. But it would just be nice to look in the mirror and be happy with my body. 

I know the "fatness" is coming.

I'm not looking forward to it.

Shake your head, think badly of me, but I'm NOT one of those women who LOVE being pregnant. I love the outcome, but pregnancy really gets to me. I haven't had postpartum depression, but I've been extremely depressed throughout my second pregnancy and this one. 

I'm working through it, and hopefully as I continue to update this blog with "belly pictures" I won't get too gigantic. We'll SEE!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recipe for some yummy Cheesy Loaded Baked Potato Soup!

I'm always trying out new recipes
and messing around in the kitchen coming up with new meals
so here's a yummy easy cheesy potato soup recipe.
I did of course work at O'Charley's for some time... So you might say they
inspired this a bit haha.

 About 5 medium sized red potatoes, cut in long slices, un-peeled! 
3 medium sized baking potatoes
1/4 cup margarine, melted
1/4 cup flour (more or less depending on desired thickness)
4 cups half-and-half
2 cups milk
16 ounces Velveeta cheese, melted
Garlic powder
Desired amount of bacon crumbles fried for topping (or bacon bits if you choose!)
Cheddar cheese (for topping as well)
1/2 cup fresh chives
1/2 cup fresh parsley

Dice potatoes (leaving red potatoes peeled, but go ahead and remove the peel off the baking potatoes) and 
cover in water, bringing to a boil.
Continue to boil for about 15 mins or until the potatoes are tender to your liking.
While potatoes are boiling,
melt margarine and slowly add flour.
Mix until smooth and place heat on low.
Gradually add half and half and milk stirring constantly (I used a whisk)
until smooth and begins to thicken up.

Melt Velveeta and add it to the creamy mixture.
Stir VERY well. 
Drain potatoes and pour potatoes into mix.
Continue to cook the mixture for about 30 mins on low heat.

Add cheese, bacon, parsley, and chives
AFTER placed into bowls.
Just a hint:
Add cheese first, and bacon on top.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hair.... a tribute? A log...? Progression? hmmm.

My hair and I have a love/hate relationship.
I love it, but I hate dealing with it.
Everyone ELSE loves it short, I hate it.
I LOVE it long, but hate waiting on it to get there.
Three pregnancies have been tough on my hair.
Probably harder on it than my body.
I chopped off my waist length hair in '08...
and I've been wishing it back ever since.
Here's the long journey,
starting with before I ever cut it, and then...the cut (boo!)

So pretty, so healthy.... and ugh... check out my BOD! =]

early '08

^^^^ April 2009

^^^ May 09

Finally, a little progression!
This was in the summer of 2010...

and now here we are almost in summer of 2011....and not much is happening. Which is sad.
I intentionally wore the same shirt to do a one year side by side. =/


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mommys been BUSY!

Wow! The past couple of weeks have been jam packed, one thing after the other. 
My love has been on a new work schedule and its been an adjustment for us
as he's not getting home until later in the evening,
but he's still leaving at the same time in the mornings.
It also means more days off (the hours come up to 40 after just 4 days, so he's off for 3 following).
The kids love it, and I love spending the time with him,
but boy oh boy do those kids act NUTS when he's home.
It completely throws our schedule off track.
Making for one FRAZZLED mama!

Aside from that....
Baby Marlow #3 is.....


We are pretty freakin psyched! Especially Daddy! He was determined we were
gonna keep going until he got him another boy!
Now to decide on decor.
He's gonna have to share a room with little sister since Brother is about to be 3 
and he's just a little too wild to share a room with a newborn!
Plus GL is on an AWESOME sleep schedule.
I'm thinking something like this as far as set up goes since I
want to keep GL in her crib as long as possible...

I love it!
Any of you ladies have an ideas for mixed decor?
Gracie's stuff is all girly, all pink, all princess,
and she deserves that but I think half the room can be PRINCE! =]
As for Mommy....
here's the current baby bump at 16 weeks...

And Mama has seriously been busy!
My two closet friends from way back in the 
baby and kindergarten days are going through some big changes as well!
#1 here is having her first baby....
sweet Cooper,
and we showered her this past weekend.

and then Steph here is getting married and as her maid of honor I'm totally freaking 
out for her wedding! =]
This is the wedding party  (and our babies)
at the dress fitting.

And as for my monsters...
we've been trying to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather that has become
so rare in Georgia.
We took sweet Bal Bal flying
with my mom's fiancee as the pilot.
Not so sure what he was thinking about it.
He didn't cry.... just seemed a little freaked out when he looked down 
and realized there wasn't a ground below us lol.

Future pilot there maybe?
Oh and Gracie... she was completely satisfied playing in the castle at the park..
heres to hoping this week may be a little more....

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!!!

Anyone else stuck here?

I'm only 15 weeks preg, but with my third baby so of course I'm getting a little bump a bit earlier than usual,
but not enough that I don't just look a bit... chubby.
My usual size 6 Hollisters were getting a bit tight so I went ahead
and did what I was so hesitant to do with the previous pregnancies
and I bought some maternity pants.
Not just any maternity pants though,
these lovely Old Navy super skinny maternity jeans.

Oh yeah, full panel baby.
Wasnt so sure about them at first, but every time I put them on, I love em just a bit more.
Plus staying in my size 6 put a huge smile on me, especially finding they were still pretty loose.
Also picked up a few super comfy shirts...

Love them!
So I'm truly working on embracing pregnancy this time around
and completely plan on getting some cutesy maternity stuff...

My inspo's so far....

(I can't do a maternity post without having Nicole Richie, my icon for life!)

I lived in these summer dresses with both of my babies!

Love this super fitted one... great for my long summer i have waiting...

so great for this crappy Georgia weather were having right now.

any thoughts ladies?