Friday, December 9, 2011

A look inside my bag (my cute Juicy bag at that)...

I came across a few different blogs with this posted, as well as a few magazines over the years, so I thought I'd do it too =] 

We women are magical little creatures and we can pack our whole house in our bag so its always interesting to take a peek into a stranger's goods without getting in trouble!

(This will also answer a few of my Facebook follower's questions of what I do with the travel sized stuff I get with coupons!

There is the "before" dump capture =D

And of course, after.

From left there's the two small bags (which have been emptied as well)...
Juicy & Dooney, of course.
Then there's Maybelline Fit foundation, PerfectSkin #2 Toner, Olay Body Wash, Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea, wallet with the basics (ID, insurance, debit, coupons, cash, etc),
Posh chapstick, Sally Hansen nail polish, Black & White bleach cream for sun and acne spots (WORKS MIRACLES!). Then there's Bath & Body Works Vanilla Sugar, Bach's Rescue Remedy (for adults and children!); Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in Warm Vanilla Sugar, Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss, lipsmackers, Bengay (for random pains ha), Little Tummies Gripe Water for the little guy, Secret Deo travel size, MacKin's back up paci, random tampons and pads of course, the trusty ol' booger sucker for the kids runny noses, and Old Reliable, aka birth control.

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