Saturday, December 31, 2011

Direction change- Phentermine!!!

Well I've struggled with finding any kind of "Phentermine tracking" blog. I wanted to find something to read along my journey with it but have yet to find more than a handful written by actual Phentermine users  I figured if I was looking, there are probably countless others who want to get an idea of what its like for other people before they give it a shot.

So I've made it my new "job" to educate people on every single thing that happens while I use it. 

For those of you who don't know,  Phentermine is a prescription diet aide. Its an appetite suppressor not a "fat burner". It helps boost your metabolism when paired with a diet and exercise.

I've heard some Requiem for a Dream-esque stories of people becoming addicted and dependent on the medication, some even taking it for the maximum allowed time of 6 months, losing upwards of 60-100 lbs, and then being off of it for a single DAY and immediately going on a binge and eating all they couldn't eat while they were taking it, and of course then gaining it back.

I'm not scared of that outcome at all. I've weighed between 110-120 lbs ever since I turned 13. My highest weight tipped at about 130, and that was when I became obsessed with working out and built LOTS of muscle and drank protein shakes to gain some weight and get more shape. I've always been healthy, I eat well, have fast metabolism, etc. 

I think I'm a pretty good candidate for the Phentermine. I am 23, 5'4", and after 3 kids back to back, I weigh 152 lbs. Not too big of a deal, and I'm toned from working out a lot during the pregnancy and even immediately after. With my last pregnancy (4 months ago) I topped off at 190 lbs. At 5'4", thats a LOT of weight. I've worked out constantly since my c section in September, and have dieted more than I'd like to admit. I no longer eat anything processed, everything I eat is fresh protein and veggies. I drink lots of water and still keep my fitness level up. But my weight loss has stalled, I've reached that dreaded plateau and can't get past it. 

So I went to a place a couple of towns over called Doctor's Diet Program and sat around for about 30 mins waiting before I walked out with the bottle of Phentermine. I started it as soon as I woke up the next morning. I weighed in at 152 when the doctor checked my weight, and we sat my "goal weight" at 120 lbs. This is a good, healthy weight for me and its what I'm most comfortable being. 

So day 1 went well. I was prepared to feel crazy, to be shaky and anxious and paranoid. But I was pleasantly surprised. I took my first dose when I got up, on an empty stomach as directed. I sat around for about 45 mins, waiting to "feel it". I didn't actually expect to, I thought it would take a few days. But I was WRONG! 

I literally felt a surge of energy somewhat like an energy shot when it hits. Not "massive" not insane, just a little jolt of energy that encouraged me to get up and going a little sooner than I usually would. I didn't lay around trying to convince myself to get up and start housework, I just got up! Needless to say, I got a lot of cleaning done. Not like a speed freak would, just like I usually do, but faster. I didn't take as long because I didn't have to take breaks and rest. 

I did everything better than usual, scrubbing the dishes cleaner, washing a few extra loads of clothes and actually getting them all put up, just my normal daily duties, I just finished them a lot sooner than I normally do. My mouth didn't get dry too often, but I like soda so I wanted to have a Pepsi. Tasted like CRAP. I'm serious it was God awful. My mouth rejected that almost immediately! Tried Mtn Dew, same thing. It all tasted like cough syrup! So I went back to my water and chugged it and chugged it. I didn't get hungry a single time all day and by the end of the night I had to force myself to take a bite or two of what my husband was eating just so I could say I ate. It tasted like crap as well. It was more of a texture thing really and it almost felt like my mouth didn't want to chew if that makes sense.

The next morning, I took my second dose, and had the same results. Cleaned, couldn't eat., was in a GREAT mood. I'm extremely moody and pissy a lot of times to be honest. I pick a lot of fights with the hub just to be getting my frustrations out. But since my first dose of the Phentermine I've been SO PLEASANT! Not high, I swear, just so much more calm and focused and nice. I'm able to just say ok, thats fine, instead of arguing or getting worked up about stupid things. I was even able to ignore tantrums from my 3 year old and 2 year old while their 4 month old brother was crying and not freak out about it, but instead just distract them and have fun and make them laugh. They even seemed to hug me more lol. 

This stuff honestly seems to be working more like an anti depressant for me to be honest.

And of course I know you're wondering about the weight so far.

I thought I was crazy when I stepped on the scale and I didn't want to tell anyone what it said because I thought they'd think I was lying. But then I read some blogs saying almost everyone had that exact same reaction only to find out it was normal.

So here's the weigh in after 3 doses of the Phentermine (that would be 3 days, of course):

Start weight: 152      Current weight: 146

So that's 6 pounds in 3 days, and I just have took the 3rd dose so it hasn't technically done its job yet.

And I've been up since 9 am and its 12:30 pm now and I've yet to be able to force any food down.


  1. I was on this for 3 months, felt awesome, had lost 45 lbs. The 4th month, I spent 7 nights in the emergency room. Because I lost the weight so fast, my gall bladder was still producing bile for the bigger me, causing gall stones, a ridiculous amount of pain, huuuuuge hospital bills and an emergency surgery to remove me gall bladder. Please be careful, and report all complications to your Dr. It's Important to still eat and get nutrients!

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