Monday, April 29, 2013

The trick for a perfect "nude" nail

Alright dolls, the trick to getting a pretty pink nude nail without all the uneven streaks you get when you must use a nude polish is...
So many of us skip this step nowadays but it really can make or break a nude manicure!
I went with Kiss Bio-Strength Enamel.
It dries almost a milky color, just a tiny tint of creamy white to even out your mails. 
Then I just applied two coats of Essie in "Sugar Daddy" which is an extremely light, almost clear, shade of pink.
The two together make a gorgeous combination.
Apply a shiny top coat for chip protection and you're set!
Pretty nude nails, no acrylic needed!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Movin' on up... Big blog news!

Hi dolls! What a long week its been! I'm wrapping up the weekend with a relaxing night and some fairly big news (well, to me it is anyway!) My cute little blog here that I unfortunately don't get to put as much time into as I would like is nearing the one millionth view mark. BIG news to me! Thank you so much to all my readers. Comments are still really slow, but I don't hold that against anyone ;)

Anyway, in celebration of such a big event in a blog's life, I'm going to be taking this one step further and starting a YouTube channel. I've done a few videos in the past, but really had a bad experience with it. As I've explained before, at that point I wasn't trying to get "views", and I wasn't aware of how many hits the video would get, so I just made it for the few stay-at-home-moms who know me that requested the video, and I didn't put much work into it. It was the middle of the day and I was sitting down to cut my hair so it was either make the video then or wait a few months until it was time to trim my bangs again. I was home alone with my kids of course and my two year old daughter was throwing a full blown diva tantrum because I wouldn't give her my SCISSORS that I was cutting my hair with. I edited most of the tantrum out, but didn't take the time to put music over the video and do a voice over as I was just making a quick video, and in turn there were a few seconds where my daughter was yelling at me (right NEXT to me) and screaming "MOMMMMY" at me over and over again. She stopped, quickly of course, but needless to say it pissed some crazy internet moms off who thought I was neglected the child because they didn't take the time to read the description of the video where I specifically said, sorry I'm a stay at home mom and my kids are attached to me all day and my two year old is sitting just outside of the view of the camera by my feet yelling because I won't give her my scissors. Anyway... bad experience, lots of dumb comments, so I deleted the video.

Now, however, I have an area set up in my room just for video making, I've got some video editing software set up, and I'm good to go. I also have a lot of spare time since my hubby works night shift now so I'm always by myself when the kids go to bed at 9. I'm going to take advantage of my tendency to be a night owl and just make some quick videos. They will be everything you've found here- product reviews, hair how-to's, and some makeup tutorials and other things as well.

Speaking of product reviews, I want to give a quick (sorry to be obnoxious) review of a product I'm actually currently hanging out and getting some use of right now. Its an awesome little facial detox mud from the brand "7th Heaven". Its a pretty awesome little mask that I definitely needed tonight because its that hormonal point in the month when my face has went insane and gotten crazy oily and red and broken out. It smells like yummy spearmint, went on super easily and pretty mess free, and feel awesome when its on. If you want to try them out you can order them from

I've got the Detox Mud Deep Pore Face Mask on now but there's quite a variety to choose from and I promise you won't be disappointed! I had a cute picture to add to show you guys just what it is, but my computer doesn't seem to want to cooperate so I'll have to come back and add that for you in a bit!

Until next time... stay glam girls ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

I finally found a miracle multi taking product!

Can I take a quick second to paint an image for you of what bath time looks like with three toddlers? We have two bathrooms, and hundreds of products. I kid you not, I have hundreds of different soaps, lotions, shampoos, oils, etc. I'm a "tryer".... I like to buy products even if I don't have a lot of hope for them and see if I like them or if my kids or husband do. In my kids bathroom you will find every infant and toddler bath product there is. Johnson & Johnsons, Burts, Aveeno, Suave, I could go on and on.

When you have one on one time with the kids, its great to use one product for bubbles, one for hair, one for skin, one for "private" areas, and one for after bath. But something happens when there are three toddlers, all who want to take a bath together. All of a sudden here I am, hanging over the side of the bath, and I'm soaked. My hair is wet, my clothes are wet, the floor is wet. The kids are laughing and playing, but getting clean isn't really a priority of theirs. So in all the craziness, I have to attempt to wash three heads of hair, three faces, three bellys, 6 hands, 6 feet, and every where in between. And I have to do this quickly before they know what's going on. Here's where the Ivory comes in

Yes I said Ivory, who knew. They've got this great product called Ivory 2 in 1. I think 2 in 1 is an understatement. This is like at least 3 in 1 haha. I can use one handful of this and wash all three kids, hair included. I don't have to worry about dyes and gross chemicals because this stuff is clean clean clean. No dyes to irritate my babies and especially not my daughter who is subject to bladder infections. I get em all cleaned up with this thick lather and its done.

That in itself is awesome. But there's more.

Afterwards the bathroom smells so great, I swear it is better than a candle or air freshener. Its a wonderful clean smell and it will put some of the higher end brands to shame, no lie. Its great. The scent is long lasting on the skin as well.

The other wonderful thing about it is my husband and I can both use it. We've been so bogged down with his and her products, its become a little crazy. We have separate shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, etc. This Ivory can be used for both of us. Its not a one gender thing. It doesn't smell girly, but it doesn't smell masculine either. Its just a deliciously clean scent. It lathers so well, it works amazingly for shampoo and body wash, no complaints there at all. They've also added conditioner to the product so it even works for that if you don't especially dry hair. Since it has conditioners its also an awesome shaving cream. For real. I'm telling you this is the gift that keeps giving.

And don't worry about overusing it. Its from Ivory so its not expensive and the bottle is huge! There's so much product here.

Its not often I so enthusiastically recommend a product, but this is it. If you're a multitasker, this is where its at! I was able to try the product thanks to Influenster, and they definitely helped Ivory gain a new customer!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Why oh why do I neglect you?

Because I can I guess. I stopped coming to update this blog because it became too much. I haven't had the time to sit down and get my mind cleared and write. I guess you can say life with a 4 year old, a 3 year old, and an 18 month old has overwhelmed me. And in saying that, it would probably be an understatement. Oh, shoot me. I feel like I'm asking too much by asking people to read this because I have proven to be a horrible host. So, my apologies. 

I think I've already written this once. Actually, I know I have. The problem with the last one was life caught up to me right after I wrote it :( Not that any of this so much excuses my neglect of a blog I've worked pretty hard to get up and going, but I do want to give you all a run down of what has happened in the months since I've written.

My friends and my family know that the biggest issue in my life has been my relationship with my mother and that is something that evidently just is not going to be worked out at the moment. I tried and once again she let me down. So moving on from that, and onto the next thing...Death. Its been all around me lately. Actually the last 7 years of my life have been jam packed with more death than births which is a pretty big deal considering all the babies in my life and in my family. I don't want to pull this entry down too much and get into all of the sadness, but I recently lost my aunt, who was the closest thing to an angel that I've ever met in my life. She was a wonderfully amazing person who was way too young to die. She has three beautiful grandchildren who are devastated by her passing, and her parents have now lost both of their children which is just... unnatural. I also had a cousin pass away and his death was...extreme and completely unexpected. It happened just a few days before Christmas and it was just horrible. I hate to sit back and watch so much pain just wrap itself around my family. It is completely heartbreaking.

On a somewhat lighter note we've been sick. We are not a sick family, at all. You know how you have those families where someone is ALWAYS sick? Well... we are the opposite of that family. (Don't you hate us?!) I blame it on the fact that we never get out and do very much, therefore we aren't exposed to many other germs. 

Anyway, we have had it all. That horrible stomach virus where everyone is miserable and sitting on the toilet and holding a trash can at the same time (aka mommy is holding the kids over the toilet while holding a trash can in front of them.) Yep... had it. Sinus infections, the flu, sore throat... its all been here. We moved to a new house (yay! no more apartment life!) and since day one pretty much, we've been cleaning and disinfected the place hoping to get a warm inviting vibe going on and get rid of the vomit stench. Like I honestly feel like if a stranger were to come in they might think we are just disgusting people and don't mind the smell. I don't smell anything but I have a huge fear that it might just be because I've grown used to the smell! You know how everyone's house has its own smell.... but you don't smell your house? Well, what if the "smell" my house has is... vomit and sickness??!?!? Horrifying huh?

My biggest little is all registered for kindergarten in the fall and of course I freak out momentarily every single day. With all of the sick bullshit that goes on the world today, I really don't look down on people who homeschool at all. Like at this point, it seems like a great idea. We don't even live 5 minutes from the school but that won't spare me any worry, I can assure you of that. 

The other two kids are just hanging out, steadily growing. The littlest is a cute little tot now instead of just a wrinkly little infant :) Can I just be a horrible mom for a minute and say he is just the easiest, best "baby" of the three?! Shake your head all you want, but I'm pretty sure all moms with more than one child can remember exact which was the "easiest." My oldest was like a teenager as soon as he was born. He was just already so tall and grown and didn't sleep at night, but slept ALL day. He was tons of fun, but boy was it a lot crazier than I thought it would be! He also didn't want to talk until well after he turned two which was just a problem all in its own. Thankfully there were no issues there, he just didn't want to talk. Ha! His sister was a chronic titty baby. Can I say that? I think it probably describes her pretty well. She came out ready to immediately have a boob in her mouth. Graphic, but I'm serious. She moved her head all around my chest immediately and just opened her mouth and went to town. I was blessed, but by the time she had teeth and STILL didn't want to give it up, it was pretty rough. She wouldn't ever take a bottle of pumped milk either, and wouldn't take formula, of course. 

So now I have my easy going man. He's so fun, he's hilarious, and he's gorgeous of course. He talks, a lot, especially for 19 months. I try not to "brag" too much about my kids because no one likes moms who turn their kid's accomplishments into a way to be a bitch, and thats how I feel like I come off when I brag. But yeah... he's really smart. He crawled super early, walked with no problem, talks now, does all the smart stuff like knowing his colors and counting, going to get things for me when I tell him to... all that cool stuff. I hope it carries on into potty training. I might even start bragging then because from what I can tell, a lot of people have major issues in that area.

I think that pretty much sums it all up. Aside from that I've just had the normal adult/parent issues. I started working some outside of the house, cleaning and organizing for a few people, nothing too big. I'm also operating a clothing shop on eBay and Instagram where I sell the kid's used clothes, plus some women's stuff and some vintage stuff. Shameless plug here:

I pretty much kept my distance from everyone and everything, not just this blog. I deleted one major entry on this blog, and that was the video of the bangs tutorial and that was because of the ridiculous comments about my daughter's bratty tantrum. I didn't make that video to be some massive viral hit. I made it for my ah... 10 followers at the time, 3 or 4 of those who had asked me to make it. I said in the video and in the description that my daughter was LAYING in front of me throwing a tantrum because I wouldn't let her cut her hair with the scissors. I lived in a small "mill village" house and was literally sitting there looking at her doing it but she didn't start it until I was mid snip and I couldn't very well start over on my hair since I had already cut it. So I stopped and got her to sit down in front of me and watch and started recording it and she started the tantrum again. Like I said, it was for my FEW followers, not the 5,000 views it got immediately after I put it up. 

Anyway, I'm glad everyone has liked the Chelsea Houska hair tutorial, and maybe I'll do some more at another time. Sorry I neglected to answer some of the comments. I see them now but its literally the first time I've logged on in months!