Monday, August 30, 2010

Organizational overhaul!

It started yesterday morning. After two weeks of being sick with a stomach virus, its time to take this place back over. It had become almost overwhelming thanks to backed up laundry and toys, toys, toys, so I started a housekeeping journal to keep me on track. I'm on about the 10th load of clothes now, and because of a screwed up dryer, everything has to be dried at least twice. This DEFINITELY slows things down. But I did get my kitchen spotless, which always makes everything else easier. Now to start on the bathrooms and get the clothes finished up before 5:00, when I'll be making that half hour drive to Carrollton to pick my Love up from work. Then dinner. I'm making homemade spaghetti tonight, only because I really enjoy making it and haven't done so in quite a while. On top of all this, I'm working pretty hard on potty training my oldest, Balin. He's almost 2 1/2 now and due to his lack of talking (he only says what he wants), its a full time thing trying to catch him when he has to potty. Oh the joys of Monday...... busy busy day!

First up on my list today was to make sure that as soon as we got back home from taking Chris to work, I had to put the kids back in bed and have some Mommy time. Gracie, my youngest at 6 months, is pretty hard to get back to sleep once she's been woken, but Balin is like a 16 year old: no matter how early he gets to bed, he'll sleep until noon. So I carried Bal up to his room this morning and tucked him back in, and then headed back downstairs to work on Gracie. I started a load of clothes and then laid down on the couch and nursed her until she fell asleep. I admit I probably dozed off too, but I just can't help it when I'm cuddled that close to her! I got up eventually and did my makeup and got dressed. I've been having a hard time lately as far as confidence goes and nothing makes me feel better than getting a little dolled up. I ate a little breakfast and walked to the mailbox. I had completely forgotten one of my survey checks was due today so that was a nice little surprise.

The rest of my day is going to be spent finishing up what I couldn't get done last night. I've got a big bag of the kids junk from the car to empty out and organize and I've got to regain control over the computer desk. Then the bathrooms, and then hopefully I'm done for the day. And hopefully all this will be done by five! I'm only blogging now because Gracie followed me around (crawling) all over the kitchen and living room while I was doing the laundry, crying for me to nurse her. So here I am, plopped down in the chair as usual, with a little piggy getting her grub on. Hopefully a nap follows, then Mama will be happy happy happy!

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