Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh in+Photo Update- REACHED PRE PREG WEIGHT!

Well I promised I wouldn't be doing many updates unless something "dramatic" happened and despite that not really happening, I had a request for a blog update so I figured I'd do a short one :)

I have been off of the Phentermine since J152anuary 25th... I ran out and haven't went back to get anymore.
My appetite hasn't come back at all surprisingly.
Hopefully I'll be one of the lucky ones who only need it for a month.
We'll see!
I am currently BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight which is huge for me!
My goal was just to fit back into my size 7 jeans again
and I went beyond that and got down to my size 5's so definitely NO COMPLAINTS THERE!
I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking to only healthy eating,
no soda,
I've always been diligent about toning and strength training but never much for cardio
and I can tell you it is 100% necessary for weight loss and for me maintenance as well.

So as you know...
my beginning weight was a depressing 152
well.... my current weight is an EARNED 126!
yes yes, I'm patting myself on the back for that!

That doesn't mean I'm giving up because I'm ultimately on a mission for a complete body transformation.
I desperately want to shed a few inches in the thigh area and there's always improvement to be done on the belly!
So I think my next focus point for the blog will be to continue my journey to a six pack belly again!

I dug up a before picture for a good comparison,
and this is actually from about 2 weeks after giving birth to my 3rd little,
when I was about 160 lbs.
Then of course there are some currents.
And sorry for the overboard picture SLAM but I'm pretty proud so, get over it, or get outttt! :)


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  2. Way to go Girl!! You are definitely getting me motivated :)

  3. Neicia I'm glad!!! I use a lot of blogs to motivate me and I don't even know those women or even speak to them so I thought it might help some of the girls I know to see someone they knew doing it!

    And as far as cardio goes, I usually do right at an hours worth of dance cardio (hip hop cardio, strip aerobics, Julliane Hough's Ballroom Cardio) or the Biggest Loser Cardio DVDs.

  4. im a new mommy of my second child and i am where you where. i was had a nice body before that but with my demanding 4month ago i find it harder to loose the weight. plus im a candy addic and chocoholic, honey i have a problem. anyway my goal is where you are now. any smack in the face get off your a** suggestions?