Monday, February 27, 2012

MIA for a bit

Thanks to a whole lotta family drama, I'll be withdrawing from Facebook for a while if not for good. Its not really that big of a deal to me but there are a lot of faces I will miss seeing everyday! With that said, if I didn't get your number before I deactivated then you can email it to me at I also have a tumblr you can follow:

Anyway, good weekend. Went to supercross in Atlanta, then Sunday had a fun family day at the zoo and then dinner.

I've lost two more lbs in the last week, so yay for me. My pregnancy jeans are loose on me now, but I've been living in Victoria's Secret sweats and leggings anyway.

Boring housewife week but maybe i'll post again :)

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  1. sorry to hear ppl made it so you had to leave :( i have been gone all weekend and a dead phone and i returned to fb land last nite and didnt see you any where and wondered where you had gone. so i thought id check here. i hope it all works out soon for you and that you can return to fb we miss ya there :)