Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift... Day 2- O...M...G.

I've been slacking on exercise, but I am by no means out of shape.
I've had bronchitis since April. I'm still coughing until I choke daily, sitting around wheezing through out the day, losing my voice often, all that... so my lung capacity isn't quite what it usually is.
BUT this isn't an excuse (at least not in my book) to slack all together and give up on my fitness goals. So of course I've redirected myself and decided to start getting hardcore about this stuff again.
I'm one of those "go big or go home" types of people.
I can't half-ass anything. Its either got all of me, or none of me. No in between.
So if I seem obsessed at some point...well... I am.
Anyway, back on topic:
Brazil Butt Lift!

I don't even watch television and I've seen this infomercial so I know you guys have.
With three kids its often easier for me to do at-home-workouts.
It saves me the trouble of having to make the kids go to childcare while I workout and having to use the gas in the car to get there, etc.
I've had a lot of results with my at home stuff in the past few months so I had a lot of faith in this to begin with.
However I did NOT expect the first workout to leave me hurting!
No I mean seriously, later in the evening I absentmindedly thought, "what the hell did I do to pull a muscle in my butt?!".  I didn't actually pull one (that I know of ) but I was so sore that my amazing sleep number mattress even hurt my butt to LAY DOWN!
So imagine my hesitation on day 2 when I knew I needed to get off my lazy "bum bum" as Leandro refers to it, and get started on my workout.
Baby Mac was asleep, hub was watching TV, time for mommy to work that butt.
And work it I did.
Tonight introduced the cardio portion and Holy Oxygen Batman, let me tell you I was dying and sweating. Really. I looked at the timer.... ha... 18 minutes to go.
And then another 30 for the lift routines!
But was it worth it?
I jumped in the shower and when I went to get out I almost cried because my hips and abs hurt so bad.
Oh yeah... 3 c-sections in 4 years and mama is KILLING the ab workouts!
I throw in 200 crunches a day for good measure but tonight's workout really did something to the stomach because it was cramping to the point that I thought it might be that time of the month (it is indeed not.)
So worth it? Hell yes!
Painful? F**K YES!
I'm so glad :]
And after all... they promise I'll have a cute little Alessandra Ambrosio butt worthy of all my Victoria's Secret goodies I've racked up since my weight loss.
I'm down! (and maybe even convinced).

Oh and hey, only half a soda today.
And a made myself down a protein shake (huge for me since I hate fruit!)
I'm taking my sore butt to bed!


  1. Sounds painful but I would love a butt like that!

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