Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My skincare routine

Hi there glam moms! I have had a huge wave of skincare questions thrown at me recently so I thought I would just go ahead and go through my whole facial care routine. I suffered from super severe cystic acne all through my childhood and teen years and it didn't really ease up until I was around 19. I took all of the antibiotics, prescriptions, everything that the dermatologist recommended, and nothing ever worked. Accutane kind of helped but came with an entire set of scary health issues on its own so I ditched it. Now I have fairly good skin and few acne flare ups, and pretty minimal scarring considering how severe my acne was. Being asked about my skin is pretty crazy but you ask, I tell, so here goes:

Morning Routine

1. Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream.
This is a really standard and budget friendly face wash everyone probably remembers from their teens. I use it now mostly because I like the smell and how cold the eucalyptus oil makes my skin feel. It makes my skin feel tight, soft, and really clean and I like that, especially in the morning.

2. Boots Organic Face Rosewater Toner
100% organic and totally awesome :)
It makes my skin so soft and really makes irritated skin feel a lot better. I like the light scent and love that it doesn't dry out my skin.

3. Mary Kay Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer
I'm not a huge Mary Kay fan but this moisturizer is easily one of my favorite face creams. Its extremely light and works really well as a primer for makeup, so its great to stock up on.

Night Routine

1. Petal Fresh Botanicals Aloe & Apricot Facial Scrub
I love love love this stuff! I have never been too big on exfoliating scrubs but I have been missing out! Let me tell you, if you have a stubborn pimple that is sore or doesn't want to fade, get this stuff and scrub it every night. It literally just scrubs the yucky stuff away and heals you're skin really gently. I really can't say enough great things about product. Its gentle, even on sensitive skin. I just adore it.

2. Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash
This is a product I love more the older I get. AHA is great for your skin and this cleanser is where its at. It lathers well, rinses easy, and leaves your skin tight and dry and super clean. Never makes my skin oily or dry, just a perfect clean feeling.

3. Perfect Skin Tone
This is part of a cleansing system but I only use the toner. I have tons of it and I go through it quickly. Its made my skin a lot more radiant than its ever been, and helped soften the few dry areas I have. 

4. Olay Regenerist 
This product is a little pricey for a drugstore brand but I adore it. I just finished up my full size bottle so I'm using some samples I have until I come across some good coupons ;)
Its a nice deep moisturizer that dries surprisingly light and silky. I love it for night time because it just feels so soft! 
I swear I can see a major difference when I use this stuff, especially in the dullness I get in my cheeks and t zone a lot.

5. Aquaphor
I go through this stuff so quickly! It is a miracle product. I use it all over, especially on my hands and feet at night, but I use it on my face nightly as well. I have really dry lips and dry skin around my nose, so I always put this on before I go to sleep. Wherever I put it is baby skin soft by the time I wake up!

Alright, so there we go. My day and night routines! None of these are sponsored products. I didn't receive any of them to review, I just purchase them myself. I did get the Olay sample from a Vocalpoint campaign, but I was a long time user before I ever got it ;)

Most of the products are pretty easy to find except maybe the PerfectSkin and the Mary Kay of course. Just look em up online! I ordered all of my stuff from except for those two!

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  1. Nice post and I am sorry to hear about your cystic acne as a teenager. I've also had some nasty breakouts, and I use tea tree oil in hot water for a facial steaming to open the pores and kill bacteria. Then I just apply an all natural mud mask that is deep cleansing and over time has helped my complexion a ton and kept my skin tone even.