Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reasons Why My Kids Don't Like Me...

Its been a bad week for my kids.
I don't know why. 
It doesn't apply to my youngest, but the two older monsters have been living up to their nicknames lately. They feed off of one another so if one is mad, so is the other. 
I'll be referring to them as #1, #2, and #3 in this entry, with 1 being the oldest and 3 the youngest of course. 

[[Disclaimer- This is a JOKE. My kids are just being brats. Don't get crazy on me as some of my readers like to do.]]

1. I moved #2's chair closer to the table so she could reach her cup.

2. I gave #3 a new crayon instead of the tiny broken one with no tip.

3. #2 wanted my bed sheets to be yellow instead of black and white.

4. After three bowls of cereal each, I said "That's enough."

5. Jesus and Juju aren't mean. I am. (Juju is my MIL)

6. I couldn't pick all of the leaves off the tree in the front yard.

7. I made the sun go away (it was nighttime)

8. There were no dirty dishes in the sink. (Apparently this really bothered #2. She had a major meltdown over it.)

9. I got a Mother's Day card and they didn't.

10. I wouldn't let #3 take his Huggies diaper off to look at Minnie.

11. Doritos turned their fingers orange. (all 3 cried over this)

12. I didn't have coffee in my new coffee cup.

13. My fingernails weren't "sprinkled" enough.

14. #1 put his shoes on the wrong feet.

15. Today isn't #2's birthday.

16. Bad guys are bad and its all my fault.

17. There isn't a pool under our coffee table.

18. I didn't let #3 jump on #1's head.

19. Daddy's shoes are big.

20. The flowers are crying.

21. The Mickey logo on the Disney Channel didn't make Mickey Mouse Clubhouse come on.

22. The lid on #2's pink sippy cup was pink.

23. Skinny stomachs mean your hungry.

24. The garbage truck didn't let #1 take it's picture.

25. The clouds looked like Spongebob but didn't look like Dora.

26. The couch didn't feel like popcorn.

27. Mud makes you dirty.

28. Bumblebees sting and hurt.

Yep.... thats been my week. And its not even Friday yet. The kids all contributed to this unknowingly. This is just a collection of the nice things they have yelled at ME for this week or thrown a tantrum on my feet about. They also added these things that they do like.

Things #1 Likes:
Santa Claus
Special things
Video games

Things #2 Likes:
Present bags
Maw Maw

Things #3 Likes (according to #1):

Just for the heck of it, here's some cute pictures from today, when I let them play outside until they couldn't stay awake anymore hoping to make them happy hahaha. It worked momentarily. 


  1. LMAO- I promise, I will never get on you about your kids. Kids will be brats! Get it, girl!

    Your new friend from MBC!

    1. Don't you just wonder what the kids of those moms who put all other moms down really and truly act like when no one is around? ;) Like you said, kids WILL be brats, no matter how awesome of a mom you are. Its in their nature!

    2. My son is 16 months and has already started the hitting. He knows its bad and I probably say "no hitting" a thousand times aday. The next couple of years should be interesting.

  2. I won't ever get on your back about your kids lol. Kids will be kids. My LO isn't old enough to talk to me yet but I'm sure I'll be in for weeks like you've been having. I hope your weekend goes better hun :)

    1. You definitely have these days coming lol. All moms do!

  3. Of all your blots I've read I really enjoyed this I was laughing while reading. As you know my sister has 3littles and I can relate with her hectic days. She now has 2,4and5 year old. :)hope your weekend gets better love.

    1. I'm so glad! Multiple kids are always a bit of a headache, even on the good days lol.

  4. I can so relate! Mine are like this all the time too. One minute it's all, "I love you, Mommy" and the next it's, "What? Why did you glance in my general direction for 2 seconds?"

  5. This is hysterical! Why my kids don't like me! I think I could have written some of this list! And oh boy my week has been crazy too! I am glad we could laugh about it right:)