Monday, June 10, 2013

Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express Review

Alright ladies, here's a touchy subject for you:

Drugstore mascaras.

I've heard so many different sides of this debate. A lot of people will say that drugstore mascaras are the same, sometimes even better, than higher end mascaras.

Some people will say they are so much cheaper because they aren't high quality and even downright dangerous.

Apparently I am one of the few people in the world who just cannot wear these cheap mascaras. They always make my eyes itch and I always get infections from them.

None have been as bad as this one though.

Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express

I had nothing going on with my eyes when I first used it. I received it brand new from Amazon, and when I applied it, I loved it. It made my lashes SO long. However, it clumps. A LOT. I get those dreaded tarantula lashes with this.  My lashes are really long but they're so clumpy I have to take a brush and separate them.

Despite the clumps, I kept giving this brand a shot. I've heard so many other bloggers rave about it, I just thought there had to be something I was missing. Apparently all I was missing was the styes that were about to pop up. 

By the end of the first weekend I wore this, my left eye had a huge painful sty on the top lash line and one in the corner just beside my tear duct. The right eye had another painful sty that was much larger on the inside top corner! My poor eyes are KILLING me. My actual eyeballs are red and itchy and my eyelids are so sore I can't even attempt to apply any makeup at all. I've tossed this tube and for the safety of my eyes, I will not be trying it again.

Am I the only one who has ever experienced this? Its happened with a few other "cheap" mascaras but never to this extent. I am miserable!


  1. I can be really sensitive to mascara too. I wear contacts and I have to be careful with mascaras since a lot of them irritate my eye pretty badly. I hope your eyes are feeling better!

  2. The only drugstore mascara I use is Falsies and that is on top of my Diorshow or Lancome Hypnose. I've never had this reaction to mascara before... maybe you got a bad batch :( Hope you feel better!

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