Monday, September 13, 2010

Manic Monday....

If I could pick any seat in the world to be in, it would be anywhere in the above area!

Well last night I gave myself a good look over in the mirror. I'm not always critical of myself
but I'm okay admitting where my flaws are and accepting them if I can't change them, and changing
them (or WORKING on them) if I can. Well last night the flaw came in the form of one FLAT BUTT! 
I don't have a super curvy butt on any day, but after having a stomach virus for a few weeks straight and dropping a little over 10 pounds really quickly, my butt took a beating! BIG TIME! 
So now I have these huge birthing hips ( =] ) and no butt to match! 
Also... 2 c sections later, I have a pretty soft belly. A small soft belly, but SOFT nonetheless and its something I want to work on.

So after a couple of months of taking it easy on exercising.... I'm starting back.
I was working out daily and counting calories, all while nursing.
Well now I'm attempting to go a mix of breast and bottle feeding with Ms. Luv so I feel okay jumping back into my routine.

So last night I did some Tracy Anderson butt lifts before bed, which only took about 10 minutes but left me pretty sore. I love the soreness of working out so after spending the first half of my day cleaning, I got baby Luv down for a nap and did a half hour of the Brazilian Butt Lift. Tonight I'll focus on the belly. Heading out for groceries this evening and plan to stock up on all low cal and hopefully to say goodbye to my good ol' Mtn Dew in favor of some Diet Mtn Dew =]



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