Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday... again?!?

I know, I know, as a stay at home mom, my Mondays are much calmer than most of your Mondays but they're still pretty hectic! I got what I thought was a bit of a break today since my love opted out of making it to work on time to wait on his new Ipod to be delivered. Well we waited... it never came. So we loaded up a few hours later than usual and headed to Carrollton to get him to work. The kids both woke up at "normal time" aka 7 am. They were wide awake, ready to go. Naturally they both passed out about 30 minutes before we had to leave, which meant two pissed off babies! I thought surely they would lay back down and get their naps out when we got home, but instead they just have given me a break, and its almost 2 PM. I'm a little irritated on that end of things because for the past 2 months I've been endlessly working on getting Ms Luv on a sleeping schedule and its worked awesomely and she's taken a nap at exactly 12 pm every day since. So now I'm slightly afraid this might alter her sleep schedule all together.

On the way home I also realized that the likelihood that I'll run out of gas before I get back to pick my love up from work is pretty great. Due to his suspended license I have to pick him up every day and today I forgot to remind him to give me the money to get some gas on the way back.... and now I just might not make it the 25 miles to where he is. I'm thinking sitting on the side of the road with two kids in the backseat just doesn't sound appealing at all.

We did have a good weekend though, and I was pretty sad to see it end. We finally got an "at home" date night for Mommy and Daddy Saturday which was LONG overdue. After the GA game Saturday am  we headed out to a friend's birthday dinner and let her family meet the new baby, which was pretty nice. 
My washing machine is broken.... and on that note, I'm losing my mind. I'm a former hoarder (honestly!) and I've overcome all of it FINALLY and gotten rid of so much clutter and when things start piling up (like laundry) I have momentary freak outs until things are sorted back out. I went and washed three loads yesterday but it just didn't seem to put a dent in things. I honestly have so much anxiety over seeing things pile up... I hate it now!

I'm using the kid's naptime and "Mommy downtime" to blog and do my product reviews.... then its time to do one more quick cleanup and get everyone ready to pick Daddy up. I'm pretty excited for this day to wrap up! Too much for one Monday.... definitely hoping I won't have a breakdown on the side of the road to top things off! POSITIVE THOUGHTS! Agh!

Oh and here's my thought board/inspiration board for the next few weeks....
Sorry for the scattered way its put together....
My mind IS scattered right now!!!

my white walls are SCREAMING for some color...

but the man of the house says I can only go green if we get the Margarita maker =]

I've only been doing the Tracy Anderson method for 2 weeks and I SWEAR I'm already seeing some AWESOME results.

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