Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ask and you shall receive...

Sorry for the delay in posting you guys!
I was so dead set on being consistent with this thing, but I have to admit, once things got a little crazy in my household, I started slacking! I've been complaining for months about not getting enough "family" time with my love and our kids because due to his working and the running around afterwards and then the kid's sleep schedule, we basically just hung out alone until Daddy got home, and then it was dinner and bedtime. We've just moved recently so money has been a bit tight, and going out for the weekends just hasn't been an option. We've still been doing our weekly "date night", thank God, but as far as family outings go, there haven't been many.
Well I got my wish.
We went to the Georgia Aquarium Friday night, which coincidently was the same day we got the news that my love had been laid off work.
I've been wanting to go part time on a job until taxes come in anyway, just so we could get a little more back on the refund, and also to give me a little "Mama time" [and Mama cash!], but I didn't expect it to come about so suddenly. We went on with the aquarium trip stress free. It wasn't so much a full family trip because we left little Gracie with her "Granny JuJu" since she was too little to enjoy the sights, plus nursing makes it hard to really get out because she pretty much refuses a bottle from Mommy.

Anyway, Bal enjoyed the trip, FOR SURE! It was so nice to take Little Man out and let him have a night for just us. We had a great, great time.

And just to note, I got that hoodie I was listing as a "need to buy" item in the post just before this one!! =]

Well now its time for MAMA to look for that part time job!
In two days I've put in for 3 receptionist jobs [my previous "career choice" before babies!],
countless retail, and a few marketing and customer service positions.
I just HOPE I at least hear back from one.
Its so discouraging just sitting around waiting.
And of course nowadays everything is done online, every application, the follow ups, the whole nine yards,
so its just a big waiting game.

Are any of you ladies [and maybe guys?] looking for jobs?
This is really the first time I've done so in this economy and I'm already irritated!


  1. The aquarium looks amazing! Glad it was stress-free. Good luck on your job hunt :)

  2. Hi :) I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to check it out if you're interested. Best of luck to you!



  3. love the blog :) the aquarium is such a great place to take kids! good luck on the job hunt- it can be tricky but you can do it!