Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another.... LONG delay.

Its been quite a while since I seemingly abandoned this little blog. To catch everyone up, when I left I was on the job hunt. Well the search seemed endless at first but I actually got a job fairly quickly and found a job that I enjoyed quite a bit. No big time fancy work or anything, just a part time job as a server at my local O'Charleys haha.

The training was pretty stupid to be honest and I started to give up right off the bat, but I stuck to it and ended up being a pretty awesome server. I was making about $100 a night, which isn't bad at all considering it was extra money to add to the household income as my hub was still the main breadwinner of the fam. But after some hectic weeks of seeing my lovely townhome go from spotless and orgazined, kids up at 9 am, naps at 12 and 6, baths and bedtime at 10, to a crowded space with clothes pilled up everywhere, a sink packed with dishes, and bathrooms that hadn't even been straightened up, much less cleaned, not to mention the two now bratty screaming children who refused naps and threw tantrums over EVERY thing and fought sleep at bed time.... I started to see that maybe this household needed Mama a little more than anyone originally thought. My mother in law was watching the kids when we needed her to (if our work schedules clashed, which they often did), but even that proved to be difficult as it further got them off track on the schedule I had them on, not to mention little nuances like not following the diet I try to keep them on (milk and kids juice only, no highly sweet drinks; breakfast, lunch, and dinner being prepared meals, not fast food or processed stuff, snacks only being "healthy" kids snacks, no cakes and cookies, etc.) I basically called it quits here a couple of days ago and very comfortably eased right back into my stay at home mom life that I realized I missed QUITE A LOT! 

My kids have done quite a bit of growing. Miss Gracie had her first birthday, and of course the first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I guess I'll just take a minute and do a photo update, as these kids have REALLY sprouted!

I guess the biggest news would be....
we're expecting our THIRD!
Yep, thats right.
Another little one in my little family.
I guess that term will have to be retired soon huh? =]

We're due September 25th and my gut would say its gonna be another girl,
but we just gotta wait it out and see.

Now this mama is back to getting the chaos under control! NAPTIME!! 


  1. Awe, such sweet pictures!!! Glad you were able to go back to being a stay at home mom, I'm sure that means a lot to get to be with your kiddos more. :)

  2. Yes it definitely does. I feel much more centered now if nothing else.