Thursday, January 26, 2012

1 Month Update+ Pictures/Measurements

Well guys I've reached the big 30 day mark.
I was kind of hoping to be at my goal weight of 120 lbs by this time
but I guess losing a pound a day would be a little excessive and since I was 152 lbs that would be about how much I would have had to lose.

This will probably be my last one week update unless I just have an extremely awesome week that I feel worthy of being blogged about :)
I don't want this blog to just be about my diet so I'll get back to some mommy topics after this. 
My tracker on says if I continue the way I have been for the last month and continue to workout like I am (45-55 mins 5-6 day a week)
that I'll be 115 in 5 weeks. That would be... AMAZING.

No change in side effects, diet, or exercise so not much to report there. 
I am taking a week break from the Phentermine so hopefully I'll get huge results when I start it back next week.
Didn't take it yesterday and still couldn't eat. 
Was tired but able to work out for my normal amount of time.

Last week's measurements:
Hips: 39 in.                                          
Bust: 35 in.
Waist: 29.3
Thighs: 23.2 in.

Current measurements:
Hips: 38 in.                                          
Bust: 35 in.
Waist: 28 in.
Thighs: 22.5 in.

Beginning Weight: 152    Current Weight: 131.2

OH YEAH... see that? Those would be abs. Your eyes don't deceive you!
Mama of 3- all c sections- abs after 1 month. HELL YES!

So when I started this my measurements were as followed: (this is actually at one week)
Hips: 41 in.             =3 in. lost                             
Bust: 36.5 in.          =1.5 in. lost
Waist: 31.5 in.         =3.5 in. lost
Thighs: 25.2 in.        =3.6 in. lost

and as far as weight goes that would be 20.7 lbs lost i do believe :) not too shabby for one month!

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