Friday, April 26, 2013

I finally found a miracle multi taking product!

Can I take a quick second to paint an image for you of what bath time looks like with three toddlers? We have two bathrooms, and hundreds of products. I kid you not, I have hundreds of different soaps, lotions, shampoos, oils, etc. I'm a "tryer".... I like to buy products even if I don't have a lot of hope for them and see if I like them or if my kids or husband do. In my kids bathroom you will find every infant and toddler bath product there is. Johnson & Johnsons, Burts, Aveeno, Suave, I could go on and on.

When you have one on one time with the kids, its great to use one product for bubbles, one for hair, one for skin, one for "private" areas, and one for after bath. But something happens when there are three toddlers, all who want to take a bath together. All of a sudden here I am, hanging over the side of the bath, and I'm soaked. My hair is wet, my clothes are wet, the floor is wet. The kids are laughing and playing, but getting clean isn't really a priority of theirs. So in all the craziness, I have to attempt to wash three heads of hair, three faces, three bellys, 6 hands, 6 feet, and every where in between. And I have to do this quickly before they know what's going on. Here's where the Ivory comes in

Yes I said Ivory, who knew. They've got this great product called Ivory 2 in 1. I think 2 in 1 is an understatement. This is like at least 3 in 1 haha. I can use one handful of this and wash all three kids, hair included. I don't have to worry about dyes and gross chemicals because this stuff is clean clean clean. No dyes to irritate my babies and especially not my daughter who is subject to bladder infections. I get em all cleaned up with this thick lather and its done.

That in itself is awesome. But there's more.

Afterwards the bathroom smells so great, I swear it is better than a candle or air freshener. Its a wonderful clean smell and it will put some of the higher end brands to shame, no lie. Its great. The scent is long lasting on the skin as well.

The other wonderful thing about it is my husband and I can both use it. We've been so bogged down with his and her products, its become a little crazy. We have separate shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, etc. This Ivory can be used for both of us. Its not a one gender thing. It doesn't smell girly, but it doesn't smell masculine either. Its just a deliciously clean scent. It lathers so well, it works amazingly for shampoo and body wash, no complaints there at all. They've also added conditioner to the product so it even works for that if you don't especially dry hair. Since it has conditioners its also an awesome shaving cream. For real. I'm telling you this is the gift that keeps giving.

And don't worry about overusing it. Its from Ivory so its not expensive and the bottle is huge! There's so much product here.

Its not often I so enthusiastically recommend a product, but this is it. If you're a multitasker, this is where its at! I was able to try the product thanks to Influenster, and they definitely helped Ivory gain a new customer!

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