Sunday, April 28, 2013

Movin' on up... Big blog news!

Hi dolls! What a long week its been! I'm wrapping up the weekend with a relaxing night and some fairly big news (well, to me it is anyway!) My cute little blog here that I unfortunately don't get to put as much time into as I would like is nearing the one millionth view mark. BIG news to me! Thank you so much to all my readers. Comments are still really slow, but I don't hold that against anyone ;)

Anyway, in celebration of such a big event in a blog's life, I'm going to be taking this one step further and starting a YouTube channel. I've done a few videos in the past, but really had a bad experience with it. As I've explained before, at that point I wasn't trying to get "views", and I wasn't aware of how many hits the video would get, so I just made it for the few stay-at-home-moms who know me that requested the video, and I didn't put much work into it. It was the middle of the day and I was sitting down to cut my hair so it was either make the video then or wait a few months until it was time to trim my bangs again. I was home alone with my kids of course and my two year old daughter was throwing a full blown diva tantrum because I wouldn't give her my SCISSORS that I was cutting my hair with. I edited most of the tantrum out, but didn't take the time to put music over the video and do a voice over as I was just making a quick video, and in turn there were a few seconds where my daughter was yelling at me (right NEXT to me) and screaming "MOMMMMY" at me over and over again. She stopped, quickly of course, but needless to say it pissed some crazy internet moms off who thought I was neglected the child because they didn't take the time to read the description of the video where I specifically said, sorry I'm a stay at home mom and my kids are attached to me all day and my two year old is sitting just outside of the view of the camera by my feet yelling because I won't give her my scissors. Anyway... bad experience, lots of dumb comments, so I deleted the video.

Now, however, I have an area set up in my room just for video making, I've got some video editing software set up, and I'm good to go. I also have a lot of spare time since my hubby works night shift now so I'm always by myself when the kids go to bed at 9. I'm going to take advantage of my tendency to be a night owl and just make some quick videos. They will be everything you've found here- product reviews, hair how-to's, and some makeup tutorials and other things as well.

Speaking of product reviews, I want to give a quick (sorry to be obnoxious) review of a product I'm actually currently hanging out and getting some use of right now. Its an awesome little facial detox mud from the brand "7th Heaven". Its a pretty awesome little mask that I definitely needed tonight because its that hormonal point in the month when my face has went insane and gotten crazy oily and red and broken out. It smells like yummy spearmint, went on super easily and pretty mess free, and feel awesome when its on. If you want to try them out you can order them from

I've got the Detox Mud Deep Pore Face Mask on now but there's quite a variety to choose from and I promise you won't be disappointed! I had a cute picture to add to show you guys just what it is, but my computer doesn't seem to want to cooperate so I'll have to come back and add that for you in a bit!

Until next time... stay glam girls ;)


  1. So excited about the Youtube channel!! I cannot wait!

  2. Me too Neicia! Its going to be a lot of fun!

  3. I keep checking Youtube for you, but haven't seen anything yet:( Looking forward to it, your blog is such an inspiration to us mommies! My LO's are 4, 20mo., & 9mo.'s:-) Keep up the great work Whitney!