Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mommys been BUSY!

Wow! The past couple of weeks have been jam packed, one thing after the other. 
My love has been on a new work schedule and its been an adjustment for us
as he's not getting home until later in the evening,
but he's still leaving at the same time in the mornings.
It also means more days off (the hours come up to 40 after just 4 days, so he's off for 3 following).
The kids love it, and I love spending the time with him,
but boy oh boy do those kids act NUTS when he's home.
It completely throws our schedule off track.
Making for one FRAZZLED mama!

Aside from that....
Baby Marlow #3 is.....


We are pretty freakin psyched! Especially Daddy! He was determined we were
gonna keep going until he got him another boy!
Now to decide on decor.
He's gonna have to share a room with little sister since Brother is about to be 3 
and he's just a little too wild to share a room with a newborn!
Plus GL is on an AWESOME sleep schedule.
I'm thinking something like this as far as set up goes since I
want to keep GL in her crib as long as possible...

I love it!
Any of you ladies have an ideas for mixed decor?
Gracie's stuff is all girly, all pink, all princess,
and she deserves that but I think half the room can be PRINCE! =]
As for Mommy....
here's the current baby bump at 16 weeks...

And Mama has seriously been busy!
My two closet friends from way back in the 
baby and kindergarten days are going through some big changes as well!
#1 here is having her first baby....
sweet Cooper,
and we showered her this past weekend.

and then Steph here is getting married and as her maid of honor I'm totally freaking 
out for her wedding! =]
This is the wedding party  (and our babies)
at the dress fitting.

And as for my monsters...
we've been trying to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather that has become
so rare in Georgia.
We took sweet Bal Bal flying
with my mom's fiancee as the pilot.
Not so sure what he was thinking about it.
He didn't cry.... just seemed a little freaked out when he looked down 
and realized there wasn't a ground below us lol.

Future pilot there maybe?
Oh and Gracie... she was completely satisfied playing in the castle at the park..
heres to hoping this week may be a little more....

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  1. Congrats! cute blog BTW!