Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!!!

Anyone else stuck here?

I'm only 15 weeks preg, but with my third baby so of course I'm getting a little bump a bit earlier than usual,
but not enough that I don't just look a bit... chubby.
My usual size 6 Hollisters were getting a bit tight so I went ahead
and did what I was so hesitant to do with the previous pregnancies
and I bought some maternity pants.
Not just any maternity pants though,
these lovely Old Navy super skinny maternity jeans.

Oh yeah, full panel baby.
Wasnt so sure about them at first, but every time I put them on, I love em just a bit more.
Plus staying in my size 6 put a huge smile on me, especially finding they were still pretty loose.
Also picked up a few super comfy shirts...

Love them!
So I'm truly working on embracing pregnancy this time around
and completely plan on getting some cutesy maternity stuff...

My inspo's so far....

(I can't do a maternity post without having Nicole Richie, my icon for life!)

I lived in these summer dresses with both of my babies!

Love this super fitted one... great for my long summer i have waiting...

so great for this crappy Georgia weather were having right now.

any thoughts ladies?


  1. the summer dress i love, and there is always room for a cardi in every closet :] i have blogger as well but only two posts :[ sheack it out tho

  2. You look great!! Adorable dresses/outifts you posted!!

  3. you look amazing!! your little bump is so cute!!