Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 6- Cardio added!

So it goes without saying that you're going to get freaking awesome results if you combine exercise and diet together. I hate when people diet and take diet supplements but won't put in the physical work that it takes to get fit.

I don't like to slack on working out, especially not when I'm dieting very strictly.
I did however want to give my body a chance to get used to the Phentermine before I threw myself back into the routine I've been doing for the past few months (the Tracy Anderson Method for anyone who is curious or didn't know!).
I was afraid that once I got to moving a lot with the Phen I might have some negative effects and even possibly do harm to myself, especially since I don't take ANY type of medication normally.
I truly intended to at least take a one month break to adjust, and for the most part I still intend to stick to that. But I do feel like I'm doing well enough on it to add in just a little cardio anyway.

Cardio is kind of my tough spot when it comes to working out.
Its not that its really hard to me or anything, I just don't feel the strong effects that I get with strength training and toning routines. Like, my legs and butt my hurt a little the next day, but that is usually as far as it goes, whereas with the Tracy Anderson stuff I pretty much stay sore every day of the week and I feel like that confirms I'm getting results lol.
But I'm going to work really hard on doing some intense cardio, seriously! Its so good for the heart and it just burns right through those calories and melts away the pounds!
So tonight I did dance cardio!
I actually just did several run throughs of the Gaiam Dance Cardio routine on Hulu.
I got a paid subscription for Christmas so I think I'll take advantage of all the different workout videos they have available so I don't get bored so easily!

I loaded up my Drake playlist on Spotify and muted the cardio video so I could just get into it on my own, with my own music to motivate me.
I started at "Proud of You" and I can say I'm pretty proud of MYSELF for going through the entire album until I heard it for the second time! 

I wanted to stop so many times!
I'm not going to lie, the Phen had my heart going WAY faster than usual.
I also got hot extremely quick.
I've been sweating a lot without even getting up so you can just imagine how it was during that fast paced routine. 
But boy did that sweat feel good, seriously! I just completely zoned out and went with it. I went through 2 liters of water just during the workout! 
When I finally stopped I didn't have time to sit and rest because the baby had woken up about 10 mins before I finished and had started getting irritated waiting on me to come pick him up from the crib (I could see him so I knew he was fine by himself for a few!).
I did however sit and sweat for 15 minutes lol.
My face was as red as I have ever seen it, and as I sit here writing 30 mins later I'm still waiting for my heart to slow down a bit and my breathing to get back to normal.
But all in all I powered through the workout a LOT better than I normally would have without the Phen. The energy was awesome.
I will note that as soon as I finished I felt a little nauseous like maybe I needed to eat so I think I'm going to have to hurry and eat dinner!

I won't get back on the scale until tomorrow but here's some photos anyway as I'm about to mark my first full week on Phentermine!

I've come a long way since September, for sure.
I'll dig up a "before" at some point.