Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 3 Weigh in-Photo Update & Measurements

Well I've reached 3 weeks! I was honestly hoping I could be at my goal weight in 1 month but I guess my body just isn't ready for that, but we're getting there!

I've still got to find a way to force myself to eat a little more.
I'm only averaging about 500 calories a day and burning more than that on most days.
Its how I eat on normal days without the Phentermine but my hopes were to speed my metabolism up and thats definitely not going to happen if I can't make myself eat more!

At least I'm doing good with breakfast though!
And water! :) Three weeks, no soda!
No sweets!
No junk!
Heck yeah1  =]

I've been doing a HUGE variety of workouts now as well,
hoping to keep my body on edge so its just constantly finding new ways to challenge itself!
I've done Carmen Electra's Aerobic Strip Tease
Lots and lots of pilates to keep my butt looking cute :)
The Biggest Loser Cardio
Julianne Hough's Ballroom Dance Cardio
Fitness magazine's 6 week better butt routine (which might I add could quite possibly be the most painful thing EVER)
and Self Magazine's cardio DVDs

 I like to alternate between the really intense crazy sweating heart racing cardio one day
and then some fun and enjoyable dance cardio or pilates the next so that I can let my muscles rest in between.

This week's weigh in is pretty much a repeat of last week as far as what I've lost but I'm not complaining! 

Beginning measurements:
Hips: 39.5 in.                                          
Bust: 36.5 in. (no change)
Waist: 30.2 in.
Thighs: 24 in.

Current measurements:
Hips: 39 in.                                          
Bust: 35 in.
Waist: 29.3
Thighs: 23.2 in.

Beginning Weight: 152    Current Weight: 134.2

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