Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 1 Weigh In

Yesterday was my 1 week weigh in but I actually felt pretty crappy all day and didn't get around to posting. So as of today this might not be 100% accurate but I've put my scale back up until next week's weigh in so I'll be super surprised by the results and won't obsess over them so much, so I'm not going to check to see what today's weight is!

Tuesday night's cardio really had me feeling a little crazy all day yesterday, maybe I overdid it or something because my head was super spinny and I almost felt like I was getting the flu or something.
Tonight I'm going to do some pilates but I'm not going to worry about any cardio for a while at least.

I'm pretty proud of my results so far especially since I know I'm having so much success with it because I've followed the diet as well as stayed active.
I've still not had any soda, only water with a little coffee here and there and an energy drink today.
I've also completely eliminated potatoes and bread from my diet which I know has supercharged everything.

I'd like to add that I'm still not having any negative side effects.
No more stomach issues whatsoever, I guess that was just temporary thank God, and the energy has even wore off now so I'm sleeping just fine.
My focus is still up so that I can get all my house work done really well and not get so scatter brained,
and my aggression level is still at its absolute lowest in years, which is AWESOME!

I've been wearing my Danskin waist trimmer while I'm cleaning since I generally sweat a good bit when I start out early in the day. They say the sweat means your metabolism is speeding up, so I figured it would be a great time to use the band since it works with your sweat to tighten up your stomach!
I'm hoping this helps bring some of my c-section "apron" in so I don't have such a hard time when I start focusing on ab work.
If you haven't ever seen one of them, here it is:
I ordered mine off of Amazon a few months ago and have seen pretty good results with it so far.
Even Chris notices that my stomach is tighter when I've worn it, so I know its definitely working!

Anyway, here's my before and after, followed by my first week weigh in!

So here's the before at 152 and the after at 138 (this weeks weight!)

Beginning weight: 152  Current weight:  138
Total loss after one week: 14 lbs

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