Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You know you've had a badass work out when you look like this...

and that's just after 28 minutes!
Yep, drenched in sweat,
even with nothing on put shorts and a sports bra!
And the AC was set to 70 degrees!
That's some good cardio there my friends!
I did the Dance with Julianne Hough Cardio Ballroom DVD.
I actually thought tonight would be relatively easy but boy was I wrong!
I decided I couldn't walk away from cardio so easily,
after all its such a HUGE fat burner!
So I decided I would just experiment with different varieties until I found what I liked and while my favorite is dance cardio, hands down, I've figured out that I have to keep the AC on, with a fan going as well and take frequent sips of ice cold water,
and I also have to sit and cool off for a few minutes after, and then take an ice cold shower!
Phentermine seriously has me burning up 24/7!
So as long as I stay cooled off everything is good!

I'm pretty excited for my weigh in this week.
I don't feel like I've lost a big amount since last week but I feel like I'm still making progress of course.
All of the water weight is gone so its not such a massive difference now,
plus its that lovely time of the month so I'm a little on the bloated side anyway.
But I've still been having to force myself to eat and only being able to eat tiny little snacks here and there, and they've been ALL protein and fiber, with minimal carbs and no sugar and salt.
Plus still NO soda and I've even cut out coffee, which is HUGE. 
That means I'm literally going on NO caffeine! 
Big deal for real! Especially for this mama!!
But overall I feel great, honestly!
I'm still keeping the house up super easy, maintaining an hour of working out every day,
drinking at least a gallon of water a day,
and I'm sleeping a tad bit better as well.
So lets hope for awesome results this week
or at least next week when my miserable little friend gets the heck out until next month =]

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